Directory Utility


QTDirUtility  v.1.0

QTDirUtility is a X-platform directory utility written using QT4.

Directory Toolkit  v.6 6

Directory Toolkit displays a single or side-by-side directory comparison using color coding for alike, different, or missing files. You can copy, move, & rename files while retaining long filenames.


Active Directory Export

This simple yet powerful visual tool allows you to copy all user accounts and OUs from your existing domain and import them into a new domain. There is no need to learn frustrating, and time-consuming tools such as ldifde, csvde, or Windows Power Shell

Recover Corrupt NTFS  v.

NTFS partition data restoration software recovers deleted NTFS5 partitioned storage drive data damaged MBR (master boot record), MFT (Master file table) and root directory.

Duplicate File Finder .NET

Duplicate File Finder .NET (1dff.NET) is a utility that allows you to find all similar and duplicate files. It also eliminates clone files that are cluttering up your hard drive. Duplicate File Finder .NET uses advanced algorithms to find similar files,

Visual Comparer  v.1 70

Visual Comparer is a software utility having text files and files of special formats comparison as the main feature.

Application Inventory  v.3.0

Application Inventory is a utility for Windows which lists all the programs installed on the user's computer. It offers detailed information about the programs found, such as size, version, date/times used, etc.

Duplicate File Finder for Windows  v.3 3

Duplicate File Finder, affectionately known as 'DupFiles', is a utility that identifies duplicate files in one or more paths.

Folder Synchronize for Windows  v.3 1

Folder Synchronize is a command-line path comparison & synchronize tool for 32 and 64-bit (x64) Windows that is used compare and synchronize two paths.

Windows NTFS Partition Recovery  v.

How to retrieve corrupted Master Boot Record information or lost deleted photographs, office document data files from your damaged external hard disk storage device?

Application Mover  v.4 2

Application Mover is a tool that relocates installed programs from one path to another on your hard disk. Application Mover takes files found in the path specified in the 'Current Path' field (see below) and moves them to the 'New Path' path.

FSHog - directory size listing utility  v.1.0

Directory size listing utility written in python.

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